WISER Systems autonomously locates and tracks all your vital assets and reports their locations, saving you time and money.


 Autonomous inventory logged by WISER's tracking technology.

Autonomous inventory and updates.

Streamline your operations and reduce your workloads with self-reporting assets that update in real time. This gives you an always-current picture of your facility, scalable to any size or shape of setting and to any number of assets.

Flexible use and wireless calibration.

WISER’s Locator is lightweight, portable, and deployable in minutes. Furthermore, our wireless calibration allows quick and painless installation and maintenance without the help of an engineer or electrician.

 WISER's Tracking software calibrating antenna locations autonomously to fit a facility floor plan.

 Asset tracking in a highly metallic, industrial manufacturing setting.

Top performance even in heavy industry environments.

WISER’s mesh network is accurate and reliable even in cluttered, metallic, noisy, or active environments where conventional tracking solutions perform poorly. This technology delivers sub-meter or even inch-level accuracy indoors or out.

Precise location of all your key materials at all times.

WISER’s high-precision Locator outperforms WiFi, Cellular, Bluetooth, and GPS, while reporting actual location data instead of last-known location or proximity. WISER tracks granularly and does not interfere with existing wireless networks even when scaled.

 Asset locations appearing on-screen as they are tracked.


WISER’s solutions gather data securely around the clock. All our wireless transmissions are redundantly secured and encrypted, increasing the security for any type of application.


Operating at very low power, ultra-wideband (UWB) tracking tags can last for years without battery changes. Tags report their power so that batteries can be immediately replaced when the power does get low.