How does WISER’s asset tracking technology work?

ONE: Deploy WISER Antenna Nodes to establish a wireless mesh network. This ultra-wideband (UWB) mesh does not rely on or interfere with WiFi, Cellular, BLE, or any other wireless system. WISER’s straightforward setup allows you to adjust the mesh on your own for optimal convenience and performance.

WISER antennas and tags in an industrial setting.

TWO: Attach WISER Tracker Tags to whatever asset you'd like to track. This could be a forklift, a pallet, a wearable, or even something as small as an individual bottle. All tags within the mesh register their real-time status by pinging regularly. Tags run on battery power and can last for years at a time without needing maintenance.

THREE: WISER's Tag and Track software displays tracking data on a facility map or floorplan. Custom software integration via WISER's API allows this data to trigger exception alerts like perimeter breaches, time-sensitive warnings, or violations of other parameters. Software integration can also plug data directly into inventory management, process control dashboards, ERPs, or other internal systems.

WISER's UWB asset tracking solutions drive value across a number of use-cases both indoors and out. In-use solutions include: maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO); manufacturing; energy; security; logistics; retail; and many others.

Case Studies



Powerful scalability makes WISER’s Locator the perfect tracking solution for manufacturing and other automotive settings. Our system is built to accommodate any size or shape of installation. Use of the WISER Locator in automotive settings can reduce workloads and overhead costs, prevent asset loss, cut unplanned downtime, and increase security across application sites.

Automotive manufacturing with many assets to be tracked in bins and across the assembly line.


WISER delivers instantaneous visibility for hazardous settings like oil and gas refineries, nuclear power plants, oil fields, mines, and other energy locales. By creating virtual security zones and registering the real-time locations of any tagged material, WISER’s asset tracking solution can prevent accidents, reduce waste, and streamline operations.

An oil and gas refinery.



The WISER Locator’s ability to track accurately around metal makes it invaluable for aerospace applications. Offering data-driven insights wherever implemented, this system drives performance forward for any sort of aerospace setting. Use cases include maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), tool tracking, autonomous inventory, and operations assessments.

Worker repairing and servicing an aerospace engine with hand tools.


WISER’s Locator solution is often paired with existing barcode and RFID asset labels to provide seamless visibility of all assets—both high and lower value—across the enterprise. Pairing WISER with these legacy systems can shorten installation time, reduce setup costs, and help system adopters generate the highest value possible.

A metallic, reflective factory environment.


Process Management

The WISER Locator quantifies both time and motion involved in process management. This illustrates in real time just how long batching or manufacturing processes take, where bottlenecks might occur, where individual components and assets are at any given time, and whether schedules are being met—all without manual data entry or project updates.

Many identical bins containing assets to be tracked.


Real-time visibility is key for assets with a short shelf-life. WISER provides this visibility, showing you the when and where of an asset's status so that sensitive materials never expire. Accurate zoning, instantaneous data on perimeter violations, and granular tracking histories of key assets combine seamlessly to sharpen your picture of the situation at any given moment.

Biotech assets like assays.

Case Study: Biotech Processing



Logistics and Fleet Management

WISER takes the guesswork out of logistics. Whether in warehousing, yard, or fleet management, WISER’s Locator registers detailed location data and tracking histories for any tagged asset. WISER’s low use of power means that tracking tags can continue to operate for years at a time while an asset is stored or moved from place to place.

A large trucking yard filled with vehicles.

Case Study: Yard Management


WISER’s precision is ideal for healthcare solutions. Unlike legacy systems that only register room-level accuracy, the WISER Locator enables highly accurate updates for schedule adherence, fall detection, immobility, and many other use cases. It can also be adjusted at will, enabling flexible use across small or large sites.

An older adult patient and a nurse.