WISER RRLT enhances efficiency and safety by locating and tracking forklifts, pallet jacks, lift trucks, and buggies used to move valuable or dangerous assets. Keeping a real-time map of asset locations helps site managers manage key inventory and verify that it’s stored properly.

Autonomous inventory logged by WISER's tracking technology.

Forklifts and other machinery are equipped with WISER UWB asset tracking tags. These tags register their real-time locations around the clock, reporting high-precision coordinate data that appear overlaid on a floorplan or a facility map. This allows site managers to locate any tagged piece of machinery at any time, whether the machine is unmanned, unpowered, motionless, or in-transit.

Customized alerts could be used to prevent machine-machine collisions, such as in the case of multiple forklifts crossing similar paths. By giving tracking tags to personnel on a warehouse or factory floor, customers can also prevent machine-worker collisions via instantaneous alerts to both machine operators and tagged personnel.

This RTLS system is also useful for pairing forklifts with specific pallets of product. Tagging each pallet eliminates the need for manual searching either before or after transit. It also cuts out the need to update inventory mid-process, since a pallet’s location will update autonomously in real time as it moves across the floor.

Alerts for pallets can also be time sensitive, such as in the case of perishable goods that need to be moved quickly. These alerts would inform operators if a product is left out too long or misses its delivery schedule. Furthermore, the WISER Locator generates massive amounts of historical data on routes taken and time elapsed.

By preventing product loss or expiration and boosting on-site safety measures, the WISER Locator system reduces operating expenses significantly. This particular use of WISER’s asset tracking technology is also valuable because it eliminates manual scanning processes and adds no additional work for machine operators.