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Implement WISER’s UWB micro-location system right out of the box. This starter Evaluation Kit provides a quick easy path to testing WISER’s real-time location system (RTLS) in your own space.

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Kit Benefits

  • Wireless configuration lets you optimize the system without bringing an engineer on-site.

  • Quick setup and take-down make it easy to test across multiple locations without delay.

  • Lightweight, battery-powered configurations help end-users test proof-of-concept projects in all sorts of environments and use-cases.

  • Control over tracking settings lets you validate and experiment at will.

  • Integration with other software tools via WISER’s REST API enables you to build on the system from day one.

Evaluation Kit Contents

  • 5+ Antenna Nodes & holders; use 4 or more of the Antennas to set up a perimeter

  • 4 USB batteries

  • 4 USB power adapters

  • 5 USB 10-ft cable extenders

  • 3+ WISER Tracker Tags

  • Coin cell batteries for Tracker Tags

  • Windows-based, easy-to-use WISER Locator program for demonstration and setup

  • Developer's license

  • User manual

  • Engineering support

  • (optional) REST API access

Setup Process

The total unboxing experience with this took us less than an hour, so we had a very positive experience.
— https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3kzf1_dGBY

The setup process is simple. First, position your Antenna Nodes to form your tracking area. You can power these antennas with USB, wall outlets, or the WISER batteries included in the kit. Next, attach WISER Tracker Tags to the physical things you’d like to identify, locate, or track. Then, launch WISER’s Locator software to begin collecting data.

All kit purchases include a user manual to walk you through the setup process. Additionally, kits include support time with WISER’s engineers. You can use this support for help not just for kit setup, but also for working with WISER’s API, optimizing your tracking settings, or even brainstorming proof-of-concept projects.

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