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People are still searching for the best way to track and locate products and personnel. While GPS is ubiquitous for outdoor locating accuracy, it falls short inside buildings. RFID and WiFi Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) offer accuracy inside, but require expensive infrastructure investments and gum up networks, and Bluetooth solutions are plagued by limitations including unreliability, poor repeatability, and weak signal strength. It's time for a revolution in location. 


The WISER Locator™ is the industry’s first easy-to-install and easy-to-use wireless mesh location system. It delivers real-time, inexpensive location of critical assets within a defined perimeter – indoors or out – accurate within inches in most environments and within one meter in even the harshest settings. Our Redundant, Real-time Locating Technology (RRLT™) provides autonomous, granular location and ‘on-the-move’ tracking that can be monitored through a web-based interface from any computer or mobile device.

Powerful, flexible technology

The WISER Locator’s RRLT™ system is powered by silicon-based, ultra wideband (UWB) network chips that counteract reflectivity to boost accuracy and repeatability. They work interoperably as both tag and node / anchor devices, giving our system unique flexibility and multiple power options.

FAST, easy set up

With the WISER Locator, your real-time location system can be up and running immediately upon installation, significantly shortening your time to market and lowering your development costs.

Wiser Locator key benefits:

  • Provides real-time locating and on-the-move tracking

  • Delivers 10 centimeter accuracy in most environments and sub-meter precision in even the harshest settings.

  • Near 100% repeatability

  • Operates indoors and out

  • High-efficiency WISER Antenna Nodes deliver extended range (up to 300 meters, line-of-sight; 20-40 meters through walls or other obstacles)

  • Autonomous and mobile — no RFID portals or manual scanning required

  • Highly secure and scalable mesh

  • Operates 24-7 without the need for WiFi, Cellular, or GPS coverage

  • Two-way data transmission capability, providing status updates in real time

  • Windows®-based software with available REST API

  • Can operate inside or outside your firewall for added security

  • Easy-to-install and self-calibrating system

  • Quick set-up does not require new electrical wiring — simply plug in the WISER Antenna Node(s) to create your mesh network and define your perimeter

  • Compact and durable (Node Dimensions: 6” x 4” x 3”; Tag Dimensions: 1" x 1.5")

  • Power your Wiser Antenna Nodes via a USB port, battery, wall outlet, or PoE

  • Ultra-low power (0.6 Watts) for extra-long life battery (for antenna nodes)

  • WISER Antenna Nodes can also be set to tracker-mode and used as high update-rate tags

  • Battery-powered active mini tags have programmable update rate, motion sensing, and multi-year battery life

  • FCC-certified

  • Patent pending

WISER UWB antennas for asset tracking and RTLS.

Durable, lightweight WISER Mesh Antenna Nodes define the area and perimeter of your meshed coverage, whether it's interior, exterior or both. Nodes not used to define the mesh network can be set to tracker-mode and used to locate and track larger items, such as a forklift in a warehouse.

WISER Antenna Nodes can be mounted on a wall (left), used as portable freestanding nodes or mounted on any flat surface (right.)

Track and locate in real time

In real-time tracker mode, the WISER Locator enables you to load your facility’s floor plan into our system. From a computer or mobile device, monitor your tagged items overlaid on your floor plan as they move throughout your facility. In the diagram below moving objects tagged with WISER locator sensors send location and movement data (direction / velocity) in real time.

A floorplan showing asset locations with WISER’s RTLS.

Experience WISER Systems:


A WISER evaluation kit for micro-location and asset tracking.

Implement the industry’s most robust real-time locating system and our exclusive Redundant Radio Localization & Tracking (RRLT) technology right out of the box. This starter Evaluation Kit provides an easy, quick path to testing the WISER Locator within your space and network. Allow 1 week for delivery time.

Evaluation Kits include:

  • 5+ Antenna Nodes & holders; use 4 or more of the Antennas to set up a perimeter

  • 4 USB batteries

  • 4 USB power adapters

  • 5 USB 10-ft cable extenders

  • 3+ WISER Tracker Tags

  • Coin cell batteries for Tracker Tags

  • Windows-based, easy-to-use WISER Locator program for demonstration and setup

  • (optional) REST API access

  • Developer's License

  • Operator’s Manual

  • (optional) Engineering Support

See WISER’s FAQs page for more information.

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