WISER RRLT gives customers an always-current picture of key inventory, including tracking individual vehicles on a large lot. This allows customers to find the exact, real-time locations of vehicles wherever they might be across the site.

Autonomous inventory logged by WISER's tracking technology.

WISER Antenna Nodes are positioned across the lot to establish WISER’s wireless mesh. Within this mesh, individual Tracker Tags can be located and tracked with sub-meter accuracy. One of these tags is placed on each vehicle to be tracked. These tags operate around-the-clock, transmitting the real-time locations of each vehicle. Vehicle locations now register autonomously all the time, including the instant that a vehicle moves. This does not require manual record updates or visual checks on individual parking spots.

The WISER Locator is much more accurate than conventional RTLS or tracking solutions like GPS, which can rarely track within even 3-meter accuracy in ideal outdoor conditions. It also consumes much less power. For instance, tags pinging once per second can last for several years without battery changes or upgrades.

This use of the WISER Locator system increases the currency and accuracy of inventory logs, eliminates the need for manual data entry, prevents asset loss and misplacement, and heightens asset security across the lot. Personnel can now know what vehicles have entered the yard, as well as their order of entry. This allows them to optimize ordering and positioning between vehicles. Trucks can be guided to the correct loading dock, with real-time updates if another vehicle moves or if the wrong goods are loaded. Customers can thus find any tagged vehicle precisely even among dozens or hundreds of similar models.