WISER RRLT helps enhance operations and track production across its many stages. In this use-case, the WISER Locator tracks work order locations as they progress through multiple production stages. A molding solutions factory used WISER RRLT in this way to visualize data and to monitor job speed and progress.

Autonomous inventory logged by WISER's tracking technology.

Within the factory, individual part orders are placed into bins that are physically moved around the facility. The location of each bin changes with the progress of the part as it is lathed, cleaned, assembled, and inspected. To monitor job status, factory personnel attach WISER Tracker Tags to each bin. The Tags register each bin location automatically in real time so that workers no longer need to perform manual checks on the status of a given project.

Bin status appears on an on-site computer. Using WISER’s asset tracking software, each bin location is overlaid on a facility map or floorplan. This can show both a real-time picture and a tracking history for each bin’s location. Using WISER’s REST API, it’s also possible to plug bin location and status directly into an MES or similar software to further streamline operations and eliminate the need for manual data entry.

This use of WISER RRLT generates ample data on part, project, and work order status. This saves countless hours of manual work. It enhances the reliability of production processes and allows users to study tracking and location histories for bottlenecks or areas for improvement. It also quantifies performance metrics for all stages of on-site production, and it does so autonomously and instantaneously without disrupting current work processes.