Tracking Automotive Parts and Assets during Manufacturing


WISER’s asset tracking and micro-location system helps streamline operations and reduce asset loss wherever it’s implemented. It does so by tracking key assets in real-time and reporting their locations autonomously. This allows customers to monitor the progress of manufacturing processes and locate individual parts at will.

A bin of automotive parts being tracked in a factory.


Automotive manufacturers lose huge amounts of money for every minute that a production line goes down. Unplanned downtime also tends to have a domino effect. For instance, delays in a single process often stall pieces behind it and create downtime for workers and manufacturing space both farther up and down the assembly line.

Process delays and asset misplacement can also consume huge amounts of time for trained, highly-skilled employees. This prevents them from attending to other timely responsibilities.

Inventory introduces even more challenges into manufacturing processes—which often need to be completely halted for hours at a time during inventory drills. Even in the best circumstances, manually reporting on and updating inventory takes valuable time that workers could devote to quality assurance, process improvement, or other operations projects.

Since these delays translate into both unexpected spendings and reduced earnings, it's important to anticipate and solve process problems before they can disrupt manufacturing, whenever possible.


In an automotive factory, WISER tracker tags are placed on small but valuable parts like work orders, gauges, and tools. They might also be placed on bins, totes, or parts moving through specific locations at preset times for assembly.

After this, WISER’s location system immediately identifies and tracks tagged parts. The system syncs tag coordinates with a facility map or floor plan so that all tagged assets can be found easily at any stage of the production process. This automates inventory for tagged parts. It also mitigates the risks of loss and unneeded replacements.

Many conventional tracking systems perform poorly around metal or in highly cluttered and reflective settings like factories. Yet WISER’s system registers the location of each asset with sub-meter accuracy, and with inch-level precision in many cases. This gives manufacturers the ability to locate even the smallest parts at an instant’s notice.


These types of real-time data allow manufacturers to improve all sorts of processes. Location data helps them identify waste and determine where manufacturing and shipping might get bottlenecked. This also heightens quality control, ensuring that every needed piece is present at the time it’s needed, and that no manufactured part is lost, misplaced, or mishandled. Ultimately, WISER’s asset tracking technology helps manufacturers make decisions based on quantified results and immediate insights.