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Autonomous inventory, updates and alerts.

Streamline your operations and reduce your workloads with self-reporting inventory that updates in real time. This gives you an always-current picture of your factory floor, warehouse, or any type of facility.

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Flexible use and wireless calibration.

WISER’s tech is easy to deploy and scales modularly for any size and shape of facility. What’s more, our wireless calibration allows quick and painless installation or straightforward updates without the help of an engineer or electrician.

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Accurate location of all your key materials at all times.

WISER’s submeter accuracy prevents loss of time and inventory. Our high-precision tech outperforms Wi-Fi, Cellular, Bluetooth Beacon and GPS solutions by a healthy margin while reporting actual location data instead of just the last known proximity.

Always on. Always Secure.

WISER’s solutions gather data securely around the clock. Our ultra-wideband (UWB) transmissions are hard to detect and intercept, increasing security of your applications and ours.

Low power. Long life.

Operating at very low power, tracking tags last for months or even years without battery changes. Our tech also functions well in metallic and noisy environments where conventional solutions fail to perform.