Privacy Policy

WISER Systems


WISER Systems, Inc. (“WISER”) uses the following policy to protect the privacy of website visitors. WISER’s privacy policy describes the information WISER collects, the means used to collect it, how that information might be used, and how website visitors may request to have it deleted or updated.

Information WISER Collects

WISER collects some information automatically and via forms through which website visitors voluntarily submit information. WISER protects this information actively both online and offline, encrypting data transmitted to the company and securing access to that data through company software.

Non-identifying Information

WISER’s website automatically collects some non-personal identifying information. WISER does not disclose any of this information to outside parties. WISER uses this information to analyze website performance and user experience. This information includes:

  • Website browsers used by visitors

  • Operating systems used by visitors

  • Internet Protocol addresses used by visitors

  • Visitor device-type (desktop, tablet, mobile)

  • Time-stamps on when page visits begin

  • URLs referring visitors to WISER’s website

  • Visitors’ country, state, territory, or region

Information Submitted Voluntarily by Website Visitors

WISER collects and stores information provided voluntarily by website visitors. Website visitors submit this information using web forms to request information or to contact the company directly.

WISER uses this information to contact visitors directly in response to their requests. WISER also uses this information to assess the effectiveness of its user experience design and marketing and advertising campaigns. WISER does not sell or rent to third parties any personal information submitted by website visitors. This information is only shared with third parties if needed to fulfill website visitor requests, such as to ship an order.

WISER may use this information to contact website visitors in the future, either to inform them about updates to this policy or to offer new products or content.

WISER is committed to abiding by all applicable laws regarding the release of collected information and the protection of website visitors’ privacy.

Use of Cookies

WISER’s website uses “cookies” to understand visitors’ interests and to improve user experience. The term “cookies” refers to small files a web browser stores on local hard drives to save user preferences.

WISER also uses Google Analytics to analyze user experience and to improve website performance. Google Analytics collects non-personal identifying information using cookies. Both Google and WISER can access this information.

Right to Opt Out

Website visitors may opt out of future contact from WISER at any time. They may also contact WISER to:

  • Check what data, if any, WISER has collected from their website use

  • Update any of this stored information

  • Have WISER delete stored information about them

  • Give feedback on the appropriate use of collected data

Updates to This Policy

WISER may periodically institute material changes to this privacy policy. If so, WISER will email users with saved information to update them prior to the effective-date of the change.

Contact Us

If you feel that your information has been used in violation of this policy, please contact WISER immediately either in writing at the address below or by telephone. Website visitors wishing for their information to be deleted or updated may also contact WISER Systems.

WISER Systems, Inc.

819 W Hargett St

Raleigh, NC 27603