WISER RRLT quantifies movement via precise, instantaneous location and tracking. This helps healthcare professionals deliver immediate updates and timely care across a variety of uses. It eliminates costly searches for lost inventory, reduces manual data entry, and generates valuable insights for any kind of patient care.

Autonomous inventory logged by WISER's tracking technology.

Healthcare professionals often need to report on patients visited and rounds made. This can take time away from more pressing duties such as additional visits and care. Furthermore, doctors and nurses are often unable to report on their visits made until some time after the fact, which can be concerning for the families of older adults, extended-stay patients, and others. To eliminate these problems, WISER can outfit doctors and nurses with locatable, wireless UWB tracking tags built into employee badges. Once practitioners carry these badges, WISER’s Locator system enables autonomous reports of any visits at the very moment they occur.

Hospital and care facility administrators can also use this system to maintain an always-current inventory of physical assets. By pairing WISER tags with wheelchairs, gurneys, defibrillators, surgical equipment, controlled substances, and other supplies as needed, administrators gain real-time visibility of the actual locations of all these materials. This mitigates the routine need for manual inventory drills.

All the data WISER RRLT generates can be translated into instantaneous alerts and updates. By tracking medications, for instance, practitioners can know if a patient deviates from a medication schedule. Similarly, this system could create alerts for when a patient is not visited or for if a patient suffers a fall or is immobile for too long. Other alerts could include perimeter breach for sensitive assets in restricted zones, or timed notices on assets with a short shelf-life.

Healthcare professionals can implement WISER’s UWB asset tracking system quickly and painlessly without rewiring or needing to install new infrastructure. This solution functions in multi-level hospitals and across healthcare campuses, spanning both indoor and outdoor settings.

The WISER Locator saves countless work-hours. Expert staff no longer need to expend valuable time clocking in or out, searching for lost items, or logging manual data on their work. Instead, they can focus on delivering top-notch care to patients.