Raleigh, NC, September 05, 2019 — Later this month WISER Systems, Inc. will exhibit its real-time location solution live at WESTEC 2019, “a Manufacturing Technology Series Event.”

WESTEC is one of four regional events in the Manufacturing Technology Series. WESTEC 2019 will feature many live demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies, equipment, and manufacturing processes. The event gathers experts in automation, robotics, big data, artificial intelligence, and other related industries.

“Although this will be our first time attending WESTEC, it’s a perfect place to showcase our micro-location system,” said WISER CEO Dr. Elaine Rideout. “This show is largely about hands-on time with new products and technologies—especially ones that solve problems for manufacturers. We’ll be showing a system that fits in a backpack but can deliver invaluable location data in manufacturing, yard management, energy, and other industrial settings.”

WISER saves time and money by autonomously locating and tracking critical assets. WISER’s leading ultra-wideband (UWB) Locator solution operates without line-of-sight, even in complex, reflective indoor settings like factories. This micro-location system features best-in-class precision, scalability, cost, and ease-of-use, making it particularly well-suited for manufacturing applications.

WISER’s customers use this system to address a wide range of problems. Some of WISER’s earliest customers include manufacturers in the automotive, heavy machinery, and consumer goods industries.

WESTEC 2019 will take place at the Long Beach Convention Center from September 24-26. The Society of Manufacturing Engineers—now known as SME—produces this event.

Contact: Stephen Taylor, WISER Systems, Inc.; stephen.taylor@wisersystems.com.