Raleigh, NC, May 07, 2018—WISER Systems, Inc. will showcase its real-time wireless asset tracking technology live before a hometown audience in Raleigh, NC at the Industry Week Manufacturing & Technology Conference & Expo. Industry Week’s M&T expo is a 3-day event highlighting new trends and innovations in manufacturing-related technology. This event is “designed to keep manufacturing decision-makers...at the forefront of a fast-evolving landscape in a digital era,” according to the expo’s website. Attendees include speakers and exhibitors from numerous national and international companies like Microsoft, Toyota, GE, Sas Institute, and PTC.

The expo offers technology demonstrations, industry keynotes, and professional workshops on manufacturing best practices, material handling, supply chain, robotics, productivity improvements, Industry 4.0, and the industrial Internet of Things. Throughout the expo WISER Systems will showcase its wireless mesh network Locator solution, which is optimized for challenging radio frequency environments like those found in heavy industry and manufacturing. While most legacy asset tracking solutions cannot locate accurately indoors or around metal, WISER Systems provides submeter asset visibility in real time regardless of the environment. This system enhances automation and reduces error margins for a variety of industrial uses like manufacturing, MRO, oil and gas, and distribution.

Industry Week’s M&T Expo will take place in the Raleigh Convention Center from May 8-10. Visit WISER representatives at booth #849.

Contact: Stephen Taylor, WISER Systems, Inc.; stephen.taylor@wisersystems.com.