Raleigh, NC, October 15, 2018 — The Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology named WISER Systems, Inc. a Phase III awardee and finalist in the Army’s Expeditionary Technology Search (xTechSearch) program last week.

As a Phase III winner, WISER joins just 11 other companies from across the United States. The Army launched xTechSearch last spring to identify novel new technologies and game-changing innovations. Another program goal was to facilitate Army engagement with early stage, non-defense U.S. companies. The program kicked off with 350 competing companies, from which 125—including WISER—were selected to pitch to Army experts at venues across the country. Competition judges then selected 25 companies as semifinalists. These companies presented their solutions in the Innovators Corner of the 2018 Association of the United States Army (AUSA) exposition in Washington D.C. last week. The top 12 competitors advanced as finalists and received Phase III awards at the show.

Phase III awardees will have six months to develop and showcase a proof-of-concept for the Phase IV Capstone Demonstration in April, 2019. The Phase III award also included a cash prize of $125,000.

“WISER Systems is grateful for the confidence the U.S. Army has placed in us and our technology,” said WISER CEO Dr. Elaine C. Rideout. “We’ve been able to advance this far in the competition thanks to our brilliant technical team. We’ve been assessed based on our engineering viability and our potential to impact Army operations, and we never could have demonstrated those without a truly revolutionary yet practical technical solution.”

Moving into Phase IV of the competition, WISER will prepare for a final demonstration to DoD and other Government leadership. After the Capstone Demonstration, the ultimate winner of the xTechSearch will receive a $200,000 award.

“Attending AUSA 2018 was a fabulous way to jump-start our final phase of the xTechSearch competition,” said Rideout. “It allowed us to talk face-to-face with both military and industry leaders about the kinds of problems WISER can solve. It was very rewarding to be able to showcase our technology live and to receive expert feedback.”

Dr. Bruce Jette, United States Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology, and Dr. Thomas Russell, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Research and Technology) and Army Chief Scientist, announced WISER’s Phase III win near the end of the AUSA 2018 exposition. They also unfolded their vision for the xTechSearch Program, expressing hopes for small businesses and non-traditional defense contractors to be able to put their innovations to use across the defense sector and to do business with the Government more readily in the future.

Phase III winners spanned a variety of applications and end-uses. Winning technologies included solutions for propulsion fuel, sensor systems, metallurgy, 3D mapping, telecommunications, artificial intelligence, medical technology, and other categories.

WISER RRLT provides real-time asset visibility for a variety of use cases and environments. By locating and tracking tagged assets with sub-meter or even inch-level accuracy, WISER enables granular, instantaneous situational awareness for applications in logistics, MRO, supply control, security, mission command, and many other military and industrial applications.

Contact: Stephen Taylor, WISER Systems, Inc.; stephen.taylor@wisersystems.com.