Raleigh, NC, August 11, 2017 — WISER Systems, Inc. will demonstrate its Aerospace Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) real-time tool tracking solution live at the 2017 Southeast Region Aerospace Supplier and Advanced Manufacturing (SEASAM) Summit on August 15 and 16.

The SEASAM Summit is a regional event bringing together leaders in MRO, manufacturing, and supply chain operations related to aerospace. It will largely focus on current and future business opportunities, with sessions for both commercial and military MRO. The program will also feature addresses by United States Senator Richard Burr, and Steve Callaghan, a Vice President at Lockheed Martin company Sikorsky.

WISER and its integration partner, Gould Southern, Inc., are currently rolling out WISER’s Locator mesh network at a Northrop Grumman MRO facility in Lake Charles, LA. Gould Southern, a subsidiary of the Stephen Gould Corporation, works regularly with the United States Department of Defense, Defense Logistics Agency, the General Services Administration, and the Defense Contracting Industry.

“We are excited to showcase the potential of the Internet of Things for leaders in the aerospace industry," commented Dr. Elaine Rideout, CEO of WISER. “The SEASAM Summit is an ideal event for the first public presentation of the Gould-WISER real-time tool tracking solution.”

WISER will conduct a live tracking demo of its revolutionary RRLT technology at the event. WISER’s ultra-wideband (UWB) asset tracking solution works by establishing a wireless mesh network, within which any kind of tagged asset can be located and real-time tracked in the x, y and z dimensions. The demo will highlight this solution’s accuracy, immediacy, self-calibration capabilities, and its ease-of-deployment.

SEASAM’s 2017 Summit will take place at the Benton Convention Center in Winston Salem, NC. WISER representatives will run their demonstration from Booth 24.

Contact: Stephen Taylor, WISER Systems, Inc.; stephen.taylor@wisersystems.com.