Raleigh, NC, December 11, 2017 — WISER Systems, Inc. will conclude its 2017 event schedule with a live Redundant Radio Localization and Tracking (RRLT) demonstration at the RFID in Aerospace and Defense 2017 conference this week.

Conference sessions will address Internet of Things (IoT) applications ranging from the operational benefits that RFID and other real-time location systems offer for warfighters to asset management and inventory, compliance, maintenance, repair and overhaul cost reduction, revolutionizing supply chain, and worker safety.

“All attendees will leave the conference with insights about how RFID can be used to cut costs, improve efficiencies and reduce manufacturing and shipping errors. The benefits could be worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to your organization,” says the event’s website. “RFID Journal understands the problems aerospace and defense companies are dealing with and we recruit objective speakers who can explain how they solved particular business issues, enabling you to learn what works and what doesn’t.”

“We are delighted to showcase our revolutionary tool tracking solution,” said WISER CEO Dr. Elaine C. Rideout. “This solution is already operational—and saving thousands of hours and countless dollars—in the aerospace industry. It’s great to finish the year at an event like this, where our value and technology payoff are so clear.”

Unlike RFID, WISER’s RRLT technology is inherently active in nature, tracking in real time without the scanning portals that RFID requires. In partnership with Gould Southern, WISER installs innovative, autonomous, on-the-move location and tool tracking for the U.S. aerospace industry.

RFID in Aerospace and Defense 2017 will take place December 13 in Washington D.C.

Contact: Stephen Taylor, WISER Systems, Inc.; stephen.taylor@wisersystems.com.