Research Triangle, NC, Feb. 8, 2015 — WISER Systems' novel technological approach for improved food safety was featured at the Produce Marketing Association (PMA)’s Tech Talks on Feb. 4, 2015 in Charlotte, NC. Tech Talks is a biannual event sponsored by the PMA to introduce emerging technologies of significance to the produce industry.

WISER’s CEO, Elaine C. Rideout, Ph.D., was a featured Tech Talks speaker. She introduced the company’s novel Redundant Radio Localization Tracking (RRLT) technology, which is being developed with support from the USDA’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant program in order to investigate its feasibility as a supply chain and logistics application in support of improved food safety.

“We are grateful for the USDA’s support and excited about the potential our Internet of Things technology has for the produce supply chain,” Dr. Rideout said. The USDA funding allowed the company to conduct in-depth studies of the movement of fresh produce, from farm to packing house, then on to distribution centers and retailers, in order to identify how the companies’ RRLT technology might best fit with industry practices and minimize disruption.

“We are actively seeking pilot and demonstration project partners who are willing to help us test the capabilities of RRLT temperature and locating sensors under live conditions — even where there’s plenty of humidity and tracking with RF signals is particularly challenging,” Rideout told the attendees.

WISER Systems, Inc. delivers inexpensive, real time location of critical assets with one-meter accuracy within a defined perimeter — indoors or out. Our RRLT™ tracking solution provides autonomous, real time granular location and “on-the-move” tracking that can be monitored through a web-based interface on any computer or mobile device. We are the WISER way to Track, Find, and Secure the things that matter.

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