Research Triangle, NC, Jan. 22, 2016 — WISER Systems' localization technology is a core underlying technology that has helped turn the vision behind NC State University’s “Personal Rapid Transit Vehicles (PRT)” into conceivable reality. PRT was developed by a team NC state students and faculty lead by Dr. Seth Hollar, CTO of the company and associate professor with the NCSU Engineering Entrepreneurs Program.

WISER's technology has been adopted by the project to help the team’s first prototype autonomous vehicle navigate around an oval wooden test track in front of the Hunt Library. When fully realized the PRT system will involve hundreds of small, autonomous cars, with destinations set by their passengers. The cars will move slowly and autonomously along pedestrian walkways and will utilize a skyway connecting the two campuses. The light-weight electric vehicles require much less infrastructure than 100,000-pound elevated trains and cost less than a penny per mile to operate.

PRT co-inventors Hollar and Marshall Brain (founding visionary and author of “How Stuff Works”) remain convinced that mass transit can be developed to not only be environmentally sustainable, but personal  and cost effective as well.

WISER CEO Dr. Elaine Rideout commented, “Given our co-location with NCSU and our founders’ strong affiliation with the University, we are absolutely delighted to be able to support teaching, learning, and innovation at this University in this unique way.”

WISER Systems, Inc. delivers inexpensive, real time location of critical assets with one-meter accuracy within a defined perimeter — indoors or out. Our RRLT™ tracking solution provides autonomous, real time granular location and “on-the-move” tracking that can be monitored through a web-based interface on any computer or mobile device. We are the WISER way to Track, Find, and Secure the things that matter.

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