WISER to Represent Research Triangle at CES 2018

WISER to Represent Research Triangle at CES 2018

Raleigh, NC, January 03, 2017 — WISER Systems, Inc. representatives will demonstrate the WISER Mesh Locator System live at next week’s CES® 2018. As one of three companies representing the Raleigh-Durham area, WISER will be featured at the Research Triangle Startup Pavilion in CES 2018’s exclusive Eureka Park.

“We’re proud to be representing the Triangle and NC State,” said WISER CEO, Dr. Elaine C. Rideout. “With so many cutting-edge startups in the region, we feel very fortunate to be selected for the pavilion this year. Not only will we be presenting our tech in Eureka Park, but we get to do so with friends and colleagues from our own area, which is really rewarding.”

Alongside WISER, the pavilion will also showcase Lumeova and Primal Space.

CES is one of the largest consumer electronics events in the world. With landmark conferences since 1967, CES has a history of showcasing up-and-coming technologies. Through the years CES has provided some of the earliest looks at VCR, DVD and Blu Ray technologies, HDTV, Tablets and Notebooks, and—more recently—augmented reality and Internet of Things technologies. With nearly 4000 companies slated to exhibit, event attendance is likely to exceed 170,000.

As an exhibitor in CES’s exclusive Eureka Park, WISER will present its Redundant Radio Localization and Tracking (RRLT) technology alongside 700 other companies “showcasing the newest ideas and innovation.

“Eureka Park is where company executives go to find new, cutting-edge, innovative technologies invented by small businesses just like ours,” said Rideout. “Not many players in the real-time locating field can match our accuracy or ability to scale, and none of our competitors can outmatch our ease of use across all kinds of problematic tracking environments. We’ll have a lot to offer at a show like CES.”

As a platform technology, WISER’s Locator is appropriate for countless use-cases across market verticals in the consumer space, which is the focus of CES. WISER staff will conduct live, autonomous, real-time tracking demonstrations throughout the event to showcase RRLT utility in applications including smart homes, sports technology, wearables, consumer robotics, and high-tech retailing.

CES 2018 will take place January 9 - 12 in Las Vegas, NV. Visit WISER representatives at Booth #51332.

Contact: Stephen Taylor, WISER Systems, Inc.; stephen.taylor@wisersystems.com.

RFID in Aerospace Conference to Feature WISER RRLT

Raleigh, NC, December 11, 2017 — WISER Systems, Inc. will conclude its 2017 event schedule with a live Redundant Radio Localization and Tracking (RRLT) demonstration at the RFID in Aerospace and Defense 2017 conference this week.

Conference sessions will address Internet of Things (IoT) applications ranging from the operational benefits that RFID and other real-time location systems offer for warfighters to asset management and inventory, compliance, maintenance, repair and overhaul cost reduction, revolutionizing supply chain, and worker safety.

“All attendees will leave the conference with insights about how RFID can be used to cut costs, improve efficiencies and reduce manufacturing and shipping errors. The benefits could be worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to your organization,” says the event’s website. “RFID Journal understands the problems aerospace and defense companies are dealing with and we recruit objective speakers who can explain how they solved particular business issues, enabling you to learn what works and what doesn’t.”

“We are delighted to showcase our revolutionary tool tracking solution,” said WISER CEO Dr. Elaine C. Rideout. “This solution is already operational—and saving thousands of hours and countless dollars—in the aerospace industry. It’s great to finish the year at an event like this, where our value and technology payoff are so clear.”

Unlike RFID, WISER’s RRLT technology is inherently active in nature, tracking in real time without the scanning portals that RFID requires. In partnership with Gould Southern, WISER installs innovative, autonomous, on-the-move location and tool tracking for the U.S. aerospace industry.

RFID in Aerospace and Defense 2017 will take place December 13 in Washington D.C.

Contact: Stephen Taylor, WISER Systems, Inc.; stephen.taylor@wisersystems.com.

World’s Largest IoT Conference Series to Exhibit WISER Systems RRLT

Raleigh, NC, November 28, 2017 — This week WISER Systems, Inc. will demonstrate its RRLT Locator technology live at IoT Tech Expo North America 2017, part of the largest IoT conference series in the world.

Gathering over 6000 attendees from across the globe, IoT Tech Expo will feature several distinct conference tracks between 3 co-located events in IoT, AI and Blockchain. The IoT event’s goal is to address “the entire spectrum of IoT,” with presentations on security and privacy, manufacturing and supply chain, autonomous vehicles, innovations for smart cities, energy, and data analytics. As part of this conference, WISER will present alongside a number of major global companies, including Shell, Boeing, Oracle, Visa and Toyota, as well as official representatives of the Federal Trade Commision and NASA.

“This conference is an ideal place to showcase our technology,” said WISER CEO, Dr. Elaine C. Rideout. “We can offer something valuable to companies in any of the big verticals we’ll see there—be it transportation, manufacturing, supply chain, healthcare, energy, you name it—and at events like this, we know that leaders from these verticals will be looking for cutting-edge IoT solutions like ours.”

WISER representatives will present live demonstrations of the company’s ultra-wideband (UWB) asset tracking solution throughout the conference, showcasing live locating and tracking of tagged materials. The WISER solution reliably and inexpensively tracks and locates indoors in real time, around reflective surfaces and in cluttered environments—all without the hassle of fixed or wired infrastructure.

IoT Tech Expo North America 2017 will take place in the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA on November 29th and 30th.

Contact: Stephen Taylor, WISER Systems, Inc.; stephen.taylor@wisersystems.com.

WISER RRLT Put to the Test in World Series Champions Astros’ Home Stadium

Raleigh, NC, November 11, 2017 — WISER Systems, Inc. will exhibit its RRLT Locator live in the historic Minute Maid Park in Houston, TX—home to the 2017 World Series champions, the Houston Astros—at the American Energy Society’s (AES) 2017 conference, “The Digital Oilfield; A Whole New Ballgame,” on November 13 and 14.

In conjunction with its integration partner, Gould Southern, Inc., WISER will sponsor the conference’s live tours of Minute Maid Park, using WISER’s revolutionary asset tracking solution to provide real-time tracking of stadium tours.

“The Digital Oilfield” is an exclusive, semi-private conference bringing together leaders in energy, entrepreneurship, logistics, operations, and the Internet of Things. This conference boasts a wide variety of presentations and panels on topics ranging from security to customer service to digital innovation in the energy sector. It will feature representatives from a number of major national and international companies and research institutions. Among others, Google, Shell, Chevron, IBM, McKinsey, Penn State University, and the United States Department of Energy will be represented.

“The new application of powerful digital technologies at the highest levels of the oil and gas sector has taken the world to the very edges of the surreal,” says the event’s website. “[This] conference will focus on the leadership and direction of a new entrepreneurial culture and business model (aka, ‘the digital oil field’) that is driving and redefining the entire oil & gas sector.”

Although WISER Systems frequently exhibits its technology in conferences and tradeshows across the United States, this will be the first energy-focused event to feature WISER’s real-time Locator solution.

“WISER RRLT is perfectly suited for oil platforms, fields, refineries, and other reflective environments where worker safety is paramount and critical assets need to be accurately, instantaneously located,” said WISER’s CEO, Dr. Elaine C. Rideout. “This conference is particularly rewarding because we will have the opportunity to simultaneously demonstrate the value we can offer for event managers and for large venues, where support staff, EMTs, security, and critical assets can be reliably located and tracked in real time—without disruptive and expensive installations or cumbersome infrastructure.”

“The American Energy Society recognizes the courage of companies like WISER Systems to test proven technologies on a new field, especially a behemoth like energy,” the AES wrote in a recent newsletter.

Founded in the 1950s, the AES connects professionals all across the energy sector, maintaining a membership of over 130,000 policy-makers, researchers, academics and professional communicators.

Contact: Stephen Taylor, WISER Systems, Inc.; stephen.taylor@wisersystems.com.

WISER Systems to Present in Lighting Round of Venture Conference

Raleigh, NC, September 13, 2017 — The Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) has selected WISER Systems, Inc. to be a featured Lightning Round presenter at the 2017 CED Tech Venture Conference in Raleigh, NC.

Since its inception in 1984, the CED Tech Venture Conference (CEDTVC) has hosted investors and innovators from across the nation. This conference brings entrepreneurs, business and industry leaders, and investors together for two days of panels, workshops, demos, pitching rounds, reverse pitches from investors, and networking events. This year’s conference will also feature remarks by North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper and venture capital luminary John Doerr, “the original venture investor and board member at [both] Google and Amazon.”

Although CEDTVC attracts more than 800 attendees annually, WISER Systems is one of only 21 companies selected to participate in the Lightning Round at this year’s event. The Lightning Round gives each of these companies an opportunity to pitch from the conference’s main stage with only a few short minutes each to entice their audiences. This year’s Lightning Round participants represent a record number of applicants.

WISER will both pitch and demonstrate its patented, self-calibrating Redundant Radio Localization and Tracking (RRLT) solution, which defines a wireless mesh network to track and locate resources in real time. This technology works autonomously and can operate in any indoor or outdoor environment. WISER’s technology is currently being applied commercially for inventory tracking, MRO, manufacturing and warehousing solutions.

“It’s always exciting to join other innovators and disruptors at events like this,” said Dr. Elaine C. Rideout, WISER’s founder and CEO. “But it’s especially thrilling to showcase our technology. Even two or three minutes of air time in the Lightning Round is enough to prove our marketplace value.”

CEDTVC boasts a wide range of investor attendees, including angels, corporate investors and venture capitalists. Previous CEDTVC investors include national entities such as Sequoia Capital, Comcast Ventures, Grotech Ventures, and Greycroft, in addition to many smaller firms and organizations.

The conference will take place September 19 and 20 in the Raleigh Convention Center.

Contact: Stephen Taylor, WISER Systems, Inc.; stephen.taylor@wisersystems.com.