The WISER Locator helps enhance quality control, streamline operations, and reduce asset loss wherever it’s implemented. This system locates and tracks assets in real time and reports their status autonomously. This allows biotech customers to monitor task progress, collect valuable data, and generate instantaneous alerts if a problem arises.

Autonomous inventory logged by WISER's tracking technology.

In a biotech processing setting, time-sensitive assays are placed in large barrels. These assays are processed by being moved from area to area, with a unique stage of refinement or production taking place in each space. For instance, one room could be used for UV treatment while another is used for substance compositing or a waiting period.

By placing asset tracking tags on each barrel, process managers can see instantly where each assay is or has been at all times--both in terms of location and task progress. They can also see how long each sample has stayed there. Because WISER tags include temperature sensors, coordinate data can be paired with environmental parameters to customize the solution further. This data is invaluable since processes are time-delineated or temperature-sensitive, and since many assays may expire quickly or need precise management at each stage. Now process managers can see immediately if an assay is held up, approaching the end of its shelf-life, moved to the wrong area at the wrong time, or approaching a temperature violation.

This RTLS solution also reveals levels of congestion mid-process—for instance, if 20 barrels are held up in one production stage while another stage is empty. This process data helps adjust timelines, refine performance, and ensure the stability and quality of each sample. Managers can thus eliminate manual logging of assay progress. Customized software alerts can also prevent costly loss at any stage of production.

The WISER Locator system sends an uninterrupted stream of data even after a product reaches its safe storage destination. Because WISER’s mesh system operates indoors and out, this system can even be used to track biotech products moving from one facility on a campus to another. WISER time-stamps products wirelessly, including time-stamping arrivals at their destination. This data allows for automatic calculation and instantaneous reporting of shelf life without any extra human effort.